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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bug Patterns in Java

byEric Allen ISBN:1590590619
Apress ?2002 (234 pages)

This text lays out a methodology for diagnosing and debugging computer programs, presenting the act of debugging as an ideal application of the scientific method, then presents various “bug patterns” that occur frequently in computer programs.

Table of Contents
Bug Patterns in Java
Chapter 1 - Agile Methods in a Chaotic Environment
Chapter 2 - Bugs, Specifications, and Implementations
Chapter 3 - Debugging and the Development Process
Chapter 4 - Debugging and the Testing Process
Chapter 5 - The Scientific Method of Debugging
Chapter 6 - About the Bug Patterns
Chapter 7 - The Rogue Tile
Chapter 8 - Null Pointers Everywhere!
Chapter 9 - The Dangling Composite
Chapter 10 - The Null Flag
Chapter 11 - The Double Descent
Chapter 12 - The Liar View
Chapter 13 - Saboteur Data
Chapter 14 - The Broken Dispatch
Chapter 15 - The Impostor Type
Chapter 16 - The Split Cleaner
Chapter 17 - The Fictitious Implementation
Chapter 18 - The Orphaned Thread
Chapter 19 - The Run-On Initialization
Chapter 20 - Platform-Dependent Patterns
Chapter 21 - A Diagnostic Checklist
Chapter 22 - Design Patterns for Debugging
Chapter 23 - References
Appendix A - String-Parsing List Constructor
Glossary of Terms
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Listings
List of Sidebars


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