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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Agile Project Management: How to Succeed in the Face of Changing Project Requirements

by Gary Chin ISBN:0814471765
AMACOM © 2004 (229 pages)
This text provides practical strategies needed to take charge of crucial but unpredictable projects and demonstrates how to develop a strong and supportive project management infrastructure and culture, and improve communication and productivity.

Table of Contents
Agile Project Management—How to Succeed in the Face of Changing Project Requirements
Chapter 1 - Defining Agile Project Management
Chapter 2 - Determining When to Use Agile Project Management
Chapter 3 - Projects are the Business
Chapter 4 - The Cross-Functional Team—Organizing for Agility
Chapter 5 - The Project Manager's Role
Chapter 6 - The Agile Project Team
Chapter 7 - Planning for Agility
Chapter 8 - Approaching Risk in an Agile Environment
Chapter 9 - Management—Creating an Environment of Agility
Chapter 10 - The Operational Project Management Infrastructure
Chapter 11 - Agile Portfolio Management—Aligning Tactical Projects with Business Strategy
Chapter 12 - Integrating Portfolio and Project Management with the Product Development Process for Business Success
Appendix A - Project Status Reporting Process
Appendix B - Issue Tracking Process
Appendix C - Action Item Tracking Process
Appendix D - Portfolio Prioritization Process
List of Figures
List of Sidebars

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