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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mastering Visual Studio .NET

By Jon Flanders, Ian Griffiths , Chris Sells

Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : March 2003
ISBN : 0-596-00360-9
Pages : 412
Slots : 1

Mastering Visual Studio .NET provides you, as an experienced programmer, with all the information needed to get the most out of the latest and greatest development tool from Microsoft®. Written by experienced developers and trainers John Flanders, Ian Griffiths, and Chris Sells, this book not only covers the fundamentals, but also shows how to customize and extend the toolkit to your specific needs.

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Chapter 1. Solutions and Projects
Section 1.1. Solutions
Section 1.2. Projects
Section 1.3. Solutions, Projects, and Dependencies
Section 1.4. Organizing Your Projects
Section 1.5. Conclusion
Chapter 2. Files
Section 2.1. Text Editor
Section 2.2. HTML/XML Editor
Section 2.3. CSS Editor
Section 2.4. Design Views
Section 2.5. Miscellaneous Editors
Section 2.6. Changing Editors
Section 2.7. Custom Build Tools
Section 2.8. Conclusion
Chapter 3. Debugging
Section 3.1. Starting the Debugger
Section 3.2. Controlling Execution
Section 3.3. Observing State
Section 3.4. Debugging and Project Settings
Section 3.5. Advanced Debugging Techniques
Section 3.6. Conclusion
Chapter 4. Web Projects
Section 4.1. Web Project Templates
Section 4.2. Managed Web Projects
Section 4.3. Visual C++ Projects
Section 4.4. Conclusion
Chapter 5. Databases
Section 5.1. Server Explorer
Section 5.2. Database Diagram Designer
Section 5.3. Table Property Pages
Section 5.4. Table Designer
Section 5.5. Query and View Designer
Section 5.6. SQL Editor
Section 5.7. Database Projects
Section 5.8. Multiuser Issues
Section 5.9. Databases and .NET Projects
Section 5.10. Conclusion
Chapter 6. Setup and Deployment
Section 6.1. Windows Installer
Section 6.2. Setup Project Types
Section 6.3. The Installation Process
Section 6.4. Views
Section 6.5. Project Properties and Conditions
Section 6.6. User Interface View
Section 6.7. File System View
Section 6.8. File Types View
Section 6.9. Registry View
Section 6.10. Custom Actions
Section 6.11. Launch Conditions
Section 6.12. Cab Files
Section 6.13. Conclusion
Chapter 7. Integrating Components with Visual Studio .NET
Section 7.1. Basic Integration
Section 7.2. Simple Integration Attributes
Section 7.3. Custom Property Types
Section 7.4. Custom Component Designers
Section 7.5. Conclusion
Chapter 8. Automation, Macros, and Add-ins
Section 8.1. The VS.NET Automation Object Model
Section 8.2. Macros
Section 8.3. Add-ins
Section 8.4. Conclusion
Chapter 9. Wizards
Section 9.1. Wizard Basics
Section 9.2. The VS.NET Wizard Engine
Section 9.3. Custom Wizard Engines
Section 9.4. Conclusion
Chapter 10. Visual Studio Integration Program
Section 10.1. Why VSIP?
Section 10.2. Creating Custom Packages
Section 10.3. Conclusion
Appendix A. Project Templates
Section A.1. Visual Basic, C#, and J# Projects
Section A.2. Visual C++ Projects
Section A.3. Setup and Deployment
Section A.4. Other Projects
Section A.5. Visual Studio Solutions
Appendix B. Project Item Templates
Section B.1. VB.NET, C#, and J# Templates
Section B.2. VB.NET Templates
Section B.3. C++ Templates
Section B.4. ATL Templates
Section B.5. MFC Templates
Section B.6. Text-Based Templates
Section B.7. Database
Section B.8. HTML (Web)
Section B.9. XML
Section B.10. Binary and Resource Templates
Appendix C. Shortcut Key Guide
Appendix D. Source Control Basics
Section D.1. Creating a VSS Database
Section D.2. Adding a Solution
Section D.3. Files
Section D.4. Checking In and Out
Section D.5. Retrieving a Project
Section D.6. File History
Section D.7. Diffs
Section D.8. Disconnected Operation
Section D.9. Web Projects
Appendix E. Solution and Project File Formats
Section E.1. Solution Files
Section E.2. Project Files
Appendix F. Text Editor Settings
Section F.1. Global Settings
Section F.2. Generic Settings
Section F.3. VB.NET
Section F.4. C# and J#
Section F.5. C/C++
Section F.6. HTML/XML
Section F.7. CSS
Section F.8. Plain Text and SQL Settings


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