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Friday, September 24, 2010

Adobe Illustrator 10 for Dummies

Studying Advanced Typography
(Type 1,000,001)
In This Chapter
Creating type on a path
Making type flow within shapes
Making type flow around shapes
Linking text blocks together
Changing the path, not the type
Using type as a mask
Turning type into paths

Ten Tantalizing Techniques
In This Chapter
Tackling three-dimensional (totally tubular) text
Tracing a pixel-based image for good art fast (good fast art?)
Lighting up a (virtual) neon glow around an image
Applying Auto Trace to text for a funky, “ancient” look
Stringing up your artwork and scattering 3-D pearls
Cleaning up after Illustrator (facing the aftermath of creativity)
Getting animated as text writes itself onscreen
Dropping into the (perspective) shadows
Ghosting part of an image to get visual interest and legibility
Getting Illustrator to build a cube for you

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