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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Java Threads 2nd Edition

Table of Contents
Preface 1
1. Introduction to Threading 5
Java Terms
Thread Overview
Why Threads?
2. The Java Threading API 12
Threading Using the Thread Class
Threading Using the Runnable Interface
The Life Cycle of a Thread
Thread Naming
Thread Access
More on Starting, Stopping, and Joining
3. Synchronization Techniques 31
A Banking Example
Reading Data Asynchronously
A Class to Perform Synchronization
The Synchronized Block
Nested Locks
Return to the Banking Example
Synchronizing Static Methods
4. Wait and Notify 50
Back to Work (at the Bank)
Wait and Notify
wait(), notify(), and notifyAll()
wait() and sleep()
Thread Interruption
Static Methods (Synchronization Details)
5. Useful Examples of Java Thread Programming 64
Data Structures and Containers
Simple Synchronization Examples
A Network Server Class
The AsyncInputStream Class
Using TCPServer with AsyncInputStreams
6. Java Thread Scheduling 87
An Overview of Thread Scheduling
When Scheduling Is Impotant
Scheduling with Thread Priorities
Popular Scheduling Implementations
Native Scheduling Support
Other Thread-Scheduling Methods
7. Java Thread Scheduling Examples 117
Thread Pools
Round-Robin Scheduling
Job Scheduling
8. Advanced Synchronization Topics 137
Synchronization Terms
Preventing Deadlock
Lock Starvation
Thread-Unsafe Classes
9. Parallelizing for Multiprocessor Machines 162
Parallelizing a Single-Threaded Program
Inner-Loop Threading
Loop Printing
Multiprocessor Scaling
10. Thread Groups 189
Thread Group Concepts
Creating Thread Groups
Thread Group Methods
Manipulating Thread Groups
Thread Groups, Threads, and Security
A. Miscellaneous Topics 203
B. Exceptions and Errors 209
Colophon 214

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