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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Building Oracle XML Applications

Building Oracle XML Applications gives Java and PL/SQL developers a
rich and detailed look at the many tools Oracle provides to support XML
development. It shows how to combine the power of XML and XSLT with
the speed, functionality, and reliability of the Oracle database. The
author delivers nearly 800 pages of entertaining text, helpful and
time-saving hints, and extensive examples that developers can put to
use immediately to build custom XML applications. The accompanying
CD-ROM contains JDeveloper 3.1, an integrated development
environment for Java developers.

Table of Contents
Audience for This Book
Which Platform and Version?
Structure of This Book
About the Examples
About the CD-ROM
Conventions Used in This Book
Comments and Questions
I: XML Basics
1. Introduction to XML
1.1 What Is XML?
1.2 What Can I Do with XML?
1.3 Why Should I Use XML?
1.4 What XML Technologies Does Oracle Provide?
2. Working with XML
2.1 Creating and Validating XML
2.2 Modularizing XML
2.3 Searching XML with XPath
II: Oracle XML Fundamentals
3. Combining XML and Oracle
3.1 Hosting the XML FAQ System on Oracle
3.2 Serving XML in Any Format
3.3 Acquiring Web-based XML Content
4. Using JDeveloper for XML Development
4.1 Working with XML, XSQL, and JSP Files
4.2 Working with Database Objects
4.3 Using JDeveloper with Oracle XDK Components
5. Processing XML with PL/SQL
5.1 Loading External XML Files
5.2 Parsing XML
5.3 Searching XML Documents with XPath
5.4 Working with XML Messages
5.5 Producing and Transforming XML Query Results
6. Processing XML with Java
6.1 Introduction to Oracle8 i JServer
6.2 Parsing and Programmatically Constructing XML
6.3 Searching XML Documents with XPath
6.4 Working with XML Messages
6.5 Producing and Transforming XML Query Results
7. Transforming XML with XSLT
7.1 XSLT Processing Mechanics
7.2 Single-Template Stylesheets
7.3 Understanding Input and Output Options
7.4 Improving Flexibility with Multiple Templates
8. Publishing Data with XSQL Pages
8.1 Introduction to XSQL Pages
8.2 Transforming XSQL Page Results with XSLT
8.3 Troubleshooting Your XSQL Pages
9. XSLT Beyond the Basics
9.1 Using XSLT Variables
9.2 The Talented Identity Transformation
9.3 Grouping Repeating Data Using SQL
9.4 Sorting and Grouping Repeating Data with XSLT
10. Generating Datagrams with PL/SQL
10.1 Programmatically Generating XML Using PL/SQL
10.2 Automatic XML Generation with DBXML
11. Generating Datagrams with Java
11.1 Generating XML Using Java
11.2 Serving XML Datagrams over the Web
11.3 Automatic XML from SQL Queries
12. Storing XML Datagrams
12.1 Overview of XML Storage Approaches
12.2 Loading Datagrams with the XML SQL Utility
12.3 Storing Posted XML Using XSQL Servlet
12.4 Inserting Datagrams Using Java
13. Searching XML with interMedia
13.1 Why Use interMedia?
13.2 What Is interMedia?
13.3 The interMedia Query Language
13.4 Handling Heterogeneous Doctypes
13.5 Handling Doctype Evolution
13.6 Advanced interMedia
14. Advanced XML Loading Techniques
14.1 Storing Datagrams in Multiple Tables
14.2 Building an XMLLoader Utility
14.3 Creating Insert Transformations Automatically
III: Oracle XML Applications
15. Using XSQL Pages as a Publishing Framework
15.1 Overview of XSQL Pages Facilities
15.2 Additional XML Delivery Options
16. Extending XSQL and XSLT with Java
16.1 Developing Custom XSQL Actions
16.2 Integrating Custom XML Sources
16.3 Working with XSLT Extension Functions
17. XSLT-Powered Portals and Applications
17.1 XSLT-Powered Web Store
17.2 Building a Personalized News Portal
17.3 Online Discussion Forum
IV: Appendixes
A. XML Helper Packages
A.1 Installing the XML Helper Packages
A.2 Source Code for the XML Helper Packages
B. Installing the Oracle XSQL Servlet
B.1 Supported Configurations
B.2 Prerequisites
B.3 Downloading and Installing the XSQL Servlet
C. Conceptual Map to the XML Family
D. Quick References

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