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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Body Language

1. The Body is the Message II
A science called kinesics. A new signal from the unconscious.
How to tell the girls apart. To touch or not to touch. A touch
of loneliness.
2. Of Animals and Territory 19
The symbolic battle. Can we inherit language ?' The territorial
imperative.' How much space does a man need?
3. How We Handle Space 29
A space to call your own. A science called Proxemics. Social
and public space. How different cultures handle space. The
Western world's way with space.
4. When Space is Invaded 45
Defending body zones. Advice for status seekers. How to be a
leader. The space we hold inviolate. Of space and personality.
Sex and non-persons. Ceremonies and seating.
5. The Masks Men Wear 64
The smile that hides the soul. Take off the mask. The mask
that won't come off. When is a person not a person. The
masochist and the sadist. How to drop the mask.
6. The Wonderful World of Touch 78
Come hold my hand. The crippling masks. You are what
you feel. How to break out of a shell. The silent cocktail
party. Playing games for health's sake.
7. The Silent Language of Love 93
Stance, glance and advance. Is she available? Is the face
worth saving? Pick-ups, AC and DC. Choose your posture.
Semi-sexual encounters
8. Positions, Points and Postures 114
A cry for help. What does your posture say? Different
places, different postures. The movement and the message.
Postures and presentations. Jockeying for position. Three
clues to family behaviour.
9. Winking, Blinking and Nods 137
The stare that dehumanizes. A time for looking. The
awkward eyes. Bedroom eyes. Other cultures, other looks.
A long look at oneself. How long is a glance?
10. An Alphabet for Movement 152
Is there a language of legs? The ABC of body language.
Labelling the kines. Culture and kinesics. Follow the leader.
11. Body Language: Use and Abuse 168
Let's talk to the animals. Symbols in a world without sound.
Mental healing through body language. Faking body
language. Putting it all together.
Selected References 188

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