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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Programming .Net Windows Applications

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Chapter 1. Windows Forms and the .NET Framework
Section 1.1. The .NET Framework
Section 1.2. Windows Forms
Chapter 2. Getting Started
Section 2.1. System Requirements
Section 2.2. Hello World
Chapter 3. Visual Studio .NET
Section 3.1. Overview
Section 3.2. Start Page
Section 3.3. Projects and Solutions
Section 3.4. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Section 3.5. Building and Running
Chapter 4. Events
Section 4.1. Publish and Subscribe
Section 4.2. Performance
Section 4.3. Some Examples
Chapter 5. Windows Forms
Section 5.1. Web Applications Versus Windows Applications
Section 5.2. The Forms Namespace
Section 5.3. Form Properties
Section 5.4. Forms Inheritance
Section 5.5. User Interface Design
Chapter 6. Dialog Boxes
Section 6.1. Modal Versus Modeless
Section 6.2. Form Properties
Section 6.3. DialogResult
Section 6.4. Termination Buttons
Section 6.5. Apply Button
Section 6.6. CommonDialog Classes
Chapter 7. Controls: The Base Class
Section 7.1. Control Class
Chapter 8. Mouse Interaction
Section 8.1. SystemInformation Properties
Section 8.2. Mouse Events
Chapter 9. Text and Fonts
Section 9.1. Text
Section 9.2. Fonts
Chapter 10. Drawing and GDI+
Section 10.1. The Drawing Namespace
Section 10.2. The Analog Clock Project
Chapter 11. Labels and Buttons
Section 11.1. Label
Section 11.2. Button Classes
Chapter 12. Text Controls
Section 12.1. Text
Section 12.2. Editable Text Controls: TextBoxBase
Section 12.3. RichTextBox
Chapter 13. Other Basic Controls
Section 13.1. Containers
Section 13.2. Tabbed Pages
Section 13.3. PictureBox
Section 13.4. ScrollBar
Section 13.5. TrackBar
Section 13.6. Up-Down Controls
Section 13.7. ProgressBar
Chapter 14. TreeView and ListView
Section 14.1. Class Hierarchy
Section 14.2. Splitter
Section 14.3. TreeView
Section 14.4. ListView
Chapter 15. List Controls
Section 15.1. Class Hierarchy
Section 15.2. ListControls
Chapter 16. Date and Time Controls
Section 16.1. Class Hierarchy
Section 16.2. Date and Time Values
Section 16.3. DateTimePicker
Section 16.4. MonthCalendar
Section 16.5. Timer Component
Chapter 17. Custom Controls
Section 17.1. Specializing an Existing Control
Section 17.2. Creating a User Control
Section 17.3. Creating Custom Controls from Scratch
Chapter 18. Menus and Bars
Section 18.1. Creating Your First Menu
Section 18.2. The MainMenu Object
Section 18.3. Toolbars
Section 18.4. Writing It by Hand
Section 18.5. Status Bars
Chapter 19. ADO.NET
Section 19.1. Bug Database: A Windows Application
Section 19.2. The ADO.NET Object Model
Section 19.3. Getting Started with ADO.NET
Section 19.4. Managed Providers
Section 19.5. Binding Data
Section 19.6. Data Reader
Section 19.7. Creating a DataGrid
Chapter 20. Updating ADO.NET
Section 20.1. Updating with SQL
Section 20.2. Updating Data with Transactions
Section 20.3. Updating Data Using DataSets
Section 20.4. Multiuser Updates
Section 20.5. Command Builder
Chapter 21. Exceptions and Debugging
Section 21.1. Bugs Versus Exceptions
Section 21.2. Exceptions
Section 21.3. Throwing and Catching Exceptions
Section 21.4. Bugs
Section 21.5. Debugging in Visual Studio .NET
Section 21.6. Assert Yourself
Chapter 22. Configuration and Deployment
Section 22.1. Class Hierarchy
Section 22.2. Configuration
Section 22.3. Assemblies
Section 22.4. Build Configurations
Section 22.5. Deployment
Appendix A. Characters and Keys

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