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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mac OS X in a Nutshell

The Layers of Mac OS X
Audience for This Book
How This Book Is Organized
Conventions Used in This Book
Comments and Questions

Part I: Lay of the Land
Chapter 1. Using Mac OS X
Section 1.1. The Mac Desktop
Section 1.2. The Menu Bar
Section 1.3. The Dock
Section 1.4. Windows
Section 1.5. Opening and Saving Documents
Section 1.6. Services
Section 1.7. Logging Out and Shutting Down
Section 1.8. Starting Up and Logging In

Chapter 2. Using the Finder
Section 2.1. Finder Overview
Section 2.2. Finder Views
Section 2.3. Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts
Section 2.4. Files, Folders, and Disks
Section 2.5. Moving, Copying, and Renaming Objects
Section 2.6. The Get Info Window
Section 2.7. Favorites
Section 2.8. Searching for and Locating Files
Section 2.9. Relaunching the Finder

Chapter 3. Mac OS 9, Mac OS X,and Classic
Section 3.1. Changes to Mac OS X from Mac OS 9
Section 3.2. What Is Classic?
Section 3.3. Starting Classic
Section 3.4. Controlling Classic
Section 3.5. Managing Classic Applications
Section 3.6. Using Classic Applications
Section 3.7. Printing from Classic
Section 3.8. Dual-Booting with Mac OS 9

Chapter 4. Task and Setting Index
Accounts and User Management
Background Images
Date and Time
The Dock
Files and Folders
Fonts and Font Management
Internet, Web, and Email
.Mac Accounts
Menu Extras
Mice, Trackpads, and Scrollwheel Mice
Modems and Dial-Up Networking
Printer Configuration and Printing
Searching for and Locating Files
System Information
System Status
Terminal Settings
Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Part II: System Configuration
Chapter 5. System Preferences
Section 5.1. Using System Preferences
Section 5.2. The System Preference Panels
Section 5.3. Speech Recognition and Speakable Commands
Section 5.4. Adding Panes to System Preferences

Chapter 6. Applications and Utilities
Section 6.1. Applications
Section 6.2. Installing Applications

Chapter 7. Networking
Section 7.1. Networking Basics
Section 7.2. Mounting Network Disks
Section 7.3. Web Browsing
Section 7.4. Using FTP
Section 7.5. Remote Logins
Section 7.6. Virtual Network Computers

Chapter 8. Printer Configurationand Printing
Section 8.1. How Printing Works
Section 8.2. The Print Dialog
Section 8.3. Print Center
Section 8.4. Page Setup
Section 8.5. Alternative Printer Interfaces
Section 8.6. Printer Sharing
Section 8.7. Configuring CUPS
Section 8.8. Printer Drivers
Section 8.9. Saving as PDF

Chapter 9. Filesystem Overview
Section 9.1. Mac OS X Filesystems
Section 9.2. Filesystem Organization
Section 9.3. Hidden Files
Section 9.4. The File Permissions System

Chapter 10. Running Java Applications
Section 10.1. How Java Works
Section 10.2. Running Standalone Applications
Section 10.3. Running Applets
Section 10.4. Java on the Command Line
Section 10.5. Building Applications with MRJAppBuilder

Part III: System and Network Administration
Chapter 11. System Administration Overview
Section 11.1. Acting as Root
Section 11.2. Managing Users and Groups
Section 11.3. Network Administration
Section 11.4. NFS
Section 11.5. Single-User Mode
Section 11.6. Cron Tasks

Chapter 12. Directory Services and NetInfo
Section 12.1. Open Directory Overview
Section 12.2. Directory Access
Section 12.3. NetInfo Concepts
Section 12.4. NetInfo User Interfaces
Section 12.5. Exploring Common Directories
Section 12.6. The Machines Directory
Section 12.7. For More Information

Chapter 13. Running Network Services
Section 13.1. Network Services Overview
Section 13.2. Running Services in Mac OS X
Section 13.3. Mail Services
Section 13.4. Web Services
Section 13.5. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Section 13.6. Remote Login Services
Section 13.7. File Sharing Services
Section 13.8. Configuring Startup Items

Chapter 14. Web Publishing with a DAMP System
Section 14.1. Elements of a DAMP System
Section 14.2. Setting Up DAMP
Section 14.3. Using Web Serving Frameworks

Part IV: Scripting and Development
Chapter 15. Development Tools
Section 15.1. Getting the Developer Tools
Section 15.2. The Developer Folder
Section 15.3. Development Applications
Section 15.4. Project Builder
Section 15.5. Programming Languages
Section 15.6. Interface Builder
Section 15.7. Libraries and Frameworks
Section 15.8. The Info.plist File

Chapter 16. AppleScript
Section 16.1. The Script Menu Extra
Section 16.2. Programming AppleScript
Section 16.3. Scripting the Terminal

Chapter 17. Text Editing on Mac OS X
Section 17.1. Types of Text Files
Section 17.2. Property Lists
Section 17.3. Graphical Text Editors
Section 17.4. Unix Text Editors
Section 17.5. Text Encodings

Chapter 18. Using CVS
Section 18.1. Basic Concepts
Section 18.2. CVS Administrator Reference
Section 18.3. CVS User Reference
Section 18.4. CVS in Project Builder

Part V: Under Mac OS X's Hood
Chapter 19. Using the Terminal
Section 19.1. Using the Terminal
Section 19.2. Process Management
Section 19.3. Terminal Alternatives

Chapter 20. Pattern Matching
Section 20.1. Filenames Versus Patterns
Section 20.2. Metacharacters, Listed by Unix Program
Section 20.3. Metacharacters
Section 20.4. Examples of Searching

Chapter 21. Shells and Shell Programming
Section 21.1. Introduction to the Shell
Section 21.2. Mac OS X Shells
Section 21.3. tcsh in Detail
Section 21.4. Variables
Section 21.5. Expressions
Section 21.6. Command History
Section 21.7. Command-Line Manipulation
Section 21.8. Job Control
Section 21.9. Built-in tcsh Commands
Chapter 22. The Defaults System
Section 22.1. Property Lists
Section 22.2. Viewing and Editing Property Lists

Chapter 23. Running the X Windows System
Section 23.1. Installing the X Windows System
Section 23.2. Running XDarwin
Section 23.3. Desktops and Window Managers
Section 23.4. X11-Based Applications and Libraries
Section 23.5. Aqua-Like X Windows with OroborOSX
Section 23.6. Aqua-X11 Interactions
Section 23.7. Connecting to Other X Window Systems

Chapter 24. Installing Unix Software
Section 24.1. Package Managers
Section 24.2. Installing from Source

Chapter 25. Unix Command Reference
Section 25.1. Alphabetical Summary of Commands
Appendix A. Resources
Section A.1. Books
Section A.2. Magazines
Section A.3. Mailing Lists
Section A.4. Web Sites

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