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Monday, April 5, 2010

Computer Networks, Fourth Edition

Computer Networks, Fourth Edition
By Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Publisher : Prentice Hall
Pub Date : March 17, 2003
ISBN : 0-13-066102-3
Pages : 384

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About the Author
Chapter 1. Introduction
Section 1.1. Uses of Computer Networks
Section 1.2. Network Hardware
Section 1.3. Network Software
Section 1.4. Reference Models
Section 1.5. Example Networks
Section 1.6. Network Standardization
Section 1.7. Metric Units
Section 1.8. Outline of the Rest of the Book
Section 1.9. Summary
Chapter 2. The Physical Layer
Section 2.1. The Theoretical Basis for Data Communication
Section 2.2. Guided Transmission Media
Section 2.3. Wireless Transmission
Section 2.4. Communication Satellites
Section 2.5. The Public Switched Telephone Network
Section 2.6. The Mobile Telephone System
Section 2.7. Cable Television
Section 2.8. Summary
Chapter 3. The Data Link Layer
Section 3.1. Data Link Layer Design Issues
Section 3.2. Error Detection and Correction
Section 3.3. Elementary Data Link Protocols
Section 3.4. Sliding Window Protocols
Section 3.5. Protocol Verification
Section 3.6. Example Data Link Protocols
Section 3.7. Summary
Chapter 4. The Medium Access Control Sublayer
Section 4.1. The Channel Allocation Problem
Section 4.2. Multiple Access Protocols
Section 4.3. Ethernet
Section 4.4. Wireless LANs
Section 4.5. Broadband Wireless
Section 4.6. Bluetooth
Section 4.7. Data Link Layer Switching
Section 4.8. Summary
Chapter 5. The Network Layer
Section 5.1. Network Layer Design Issues
Section 5.2. Routing Algorithms
Section 5.3. Congestion Control Algorithms
Section 5.4. Quality of Service
Section 5.5. Internetworking
Section 5.6. The Network Layer in the Internet
Section 5.7. Summary
Chapter 6. The Transport Layer
Section 6.1. The Transport Service
Section 6.2. Elements of Transport Protocols
Section 6.3. A Simple Transport Protocol
Section 6.4. The Internet Transport Protocols: UDP
Section 6.5. The Internet Transport Protocols: TCP
Section 6.6. Performance Issues
Section 6.7. Summary
Chapter 7. The Application Layer
Section 7.1. DNS—The Domain Name System
Section 7.2. Electronic Mail
Section 7.3. The World Wide Web
Section 7.4. Multimedia
Section 7.5. Summary
Chapter 8. Network Security
Section 8.1. Cryptography
Section 8.2. Symmetric-Key Algorithms
Section 8.3. Public-Key Algorithms
Section 8.4. Digital Signatures
Section 8.5. Management of Public Keys
Section 8.6. Communication Security
Section 8.7. Authentication Protocols
Section 8.8. E-Mail Security
Section 8.9. Web Security
Section 8.10. Social Issues
Section 8.11. Summary
Chapter 9. Reading List and Bibliography
Section 9.1. Suggestions for Further Reading
Section 9.1.1. Introduction and General Works
Section 9.2. Alphabetical Bibliography

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