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Friday, April 16, 2010

the 500 most influential muslims in the world 2009

introduction p.1
the diversity of islam p.4
top 50 p.17
the lists p.83
honorable mention p.84
lists contents p.86
1. Scholarly p.88
2. Political p.101
3. Administrative p.110
4. Lineage p.121
5. Preachers p.122
6. Women p.124
7. Youth p.131
8. Philanthropy p.133
9. Development p.135
10. Science and Technology p.146
11. Arts and Culture p.148
Qur’an Reciters p.154
12. Media p.156
13. Radicals p.161
14. International Islamic Networks p.163
15. Issues of the Day p.165
glossary p.168
appendix p.172
Muslim Majority Map p.173
Muslim Population Statistics p.174
index p.182
note on format p.194

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